User Macros

The user macros were designed to allow you to filter data on specific values depending on the logged in user. In effect, two different logged in users will see different records in a table. This is especially useful when building a portal.

Lets say you want your customers to log in and see their orders. Then you would need to filter the order table on the customer number of the logged in user. This is done by entering something like Customer=10000 in the user's macro list. On the order list form you then set up the view property to apply a locked filter on the customer number. The value you enter in the filter value is {Customer}. This evaluates to the value of the macro when the form is viewed by the logged in user.

It is possible to have multiple macro values defined. 

"Macro Name 1"="Macro value 1","Macro Name 2"="Macro value 2","Macro Name 3"="Macro value 3"

Names and values must be enclosed in quotes if they contain spaces or special characters.